Yavapai County Native & Naturalized Plants
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Plant Description

Origin: Native
General Description: Semi-evergreen. A small, sprawling, stiff and scraggly shrub to 3 feet with evenly spaced branches and narrow leaves. Drought deciduous. The Mexican common name Yerba de pasmo refers to an infusion of the leaves used to treat chills (pasmo) and sores.
Height: 3 feet     Width: 3 feet


Plant Communities: Interior Chaparral, Semidesert Grasslands, Pinyon Juniper Woodland
Elevation: 3500 - 6000 feet

Flower Characteristics

Color: Whitish-yellow   Shape: Daisy or Dandelion-like in clusters     Tubular: N   Flowering Period: Apr - Sep
Description: Whitish-yellow (cream) colored flowerhead to 1/4 inch wide by 1/4 inch long arranged like a raceme.

Leaf Characteristics

Leaf Color: Dark green   Type: Simple   Shape: Narrow   Margin: Toothed   Attachment: Alternate   Hairs: N
Description: Dark green, lobed, sandpapery, sticky to 5/8 inch long and clustered along many-branched stems. Individual leaves coarsely toothed and covered with minute glands in deep craters surrounded by caked-on exuded resin.
Spines: N

Fruit Characteristics

Color: White   Type: Feathery   Description: Small achene tipped with long feathery white bristles, ripen in early fall and often in great abundance giving plant a silvery/creamy look.

Bark Characteristics

Bark Color: Grayish   Bark Texture (Mature): Rough   Bark and Branch Description: Evenly spaced branches with rough bark. Ridged and furrowed.

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